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Top 6 items NOT to put in your dishwasher

April 30, 2019

Think everything can be stacked into your dishwasher? Think again. Although we try to weave our way through the jigsaw puzzle of dishwasher stacking to ensure every last thing known to man can fit, it may surprise you to learn there are a number of items which should NEVER see the inside of your dishwasher, starting with number one…

1. Sharp knives

Dishwashers are known to blunt sharp knives (not to mention the danger in packing and unpacking them in and out of the dishwasher) so it recommended to wash these by hand.

2. Non-stick fry pans and pots

Unless the manufacturer specifically states otherwise, non-stick pots and pans should never be placed in the dishwasher. Over time the dishwasher breaks down the coating of these pans, effectively resulting in them losing the non-stick quality (and voiding your warranty at the same time). Ouch.

3. Cast iron

Placing cast iron in the dishwasher is a big no as it strips away its non-stick properties, leaving it vulnerable to rust. Just use hot water (with no detergent) to clean cast iron utensils appropriately and they could genuinely last forever.

4. Antiques, stoneware and hand painted ceramics

Priceless family heirlooms and hand-painted decorative features on your favourite pieces will wash away with the dirt unless they are kept well away from the dishwasher and carefully hand washed.

5. Crystal

You would think that crystal would thrive under the deep heat of a dishwashing clean; however, over time it can cause a cloudy buildup of residue – shine no more; another one to keep to hand washing and not to the dishwasher.

6. Wood

Boiling hot water can warp or crack the wood, causing damage to the finish of wooden cutting boards and even utensils with wooden handles. Wood is no doubt in the hand wash only category.

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