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overhead shot of a toilet while being flushed

The top 3 reasons why your toilet is blocked

March 30, 2019

We have all been victims of the dreaded blocked toilet at one point in time – and whether it’s a recurring problem or a one-off, it really can be a pain to fix (especially if the cause of the blockage is unknown).

Here is our list of top three reasons why your toilet could be blocked, and while we are at it, how to try and prevent these blockages from reoccurring in the future (we hope!)

1. What is your toilet type?

The flush on your toilet could be what industry experts call a “low flush” – meaning it is equivalent to about a half flush of water each time it is pressed. This low flush is great at saving water consumption for the home but not if your toilet continues to block, with such little water power to push waste down into the drains.

Our tip for this is to contact a plumber for a possible solution (without having to replace the toilet). Our team can come and inspect your home water pressure and drainage to give you expert advice on fixing this problem quickly and cost-effectively, saving you time and money.

2. A blocked drain

Drains can become clogged when foreign objects like paper, waste and hair are continually flushed down the toilet.

Have kids? They have a fascination with flushing random “things” down the toilet, often leading to blockages. Educating your children on what can – and cannot – be flushed down a toilet may save your toilet system from blocking in the future.

A call out to your local plumber should sort this drainage problem out quick smart.

3. Hard water issues with your toilet

Hard water (or the calcification of water in your toilet) is one of the most common reasons for a blocked toilet.

Hard water occurs when water calcifies to create a white substance that is hard to clean off. This calcification shortens the gap waste that can pass through, effectively blocking your toilet after each flush.

Our expert plumbers can run a solution through the toilet to break down the hard water buildup, fixing the blockage.

Need further advice on your blocked drains? Give Brian and his expert team of plumbers a call today on 0410 206 134. Servicing the Central Coast of NSW and beyond for over 30 years, Brian Thurtell Plumbing is your local expert service for all your plumbing needs.