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Natural Gas and LPG

Are you building a new home and need to choose the right gas connection for your needs? Or, are you experiencing problems with your home’s existing gas system?

Well, worry no more. At Brian Thurtell Plumbing we believe a reliable gas connection is the lifeblood of your family.

From heating your water, to keeping your home warm in the cooler months, to cooking food for your family, gas is able to power almost everything in your home or business.

To secure reliable and efficient natural gas heating for your home, simply call or email the highly experienced team at Brian Thurtell Plumbing today.

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  • We work with renovations and new builds
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Natural Gas Specialists Central Coast

At Brian Thurtell Plumbing, we have decades of experience installing natural gas in homes and businesses.

We specialise in natural gas connection and natural gas heating. If you’re wondering “is there natural gas in my area?” give us a buzz and we’ll find out for you – free of charge!

We have over 30 years of experience installing natural gas and LPG connections. During that time, we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to gas appliances. So, you can rest assured that we have the expertise to deal with your problem.


  • Remove and install all of your gas appliances.
  • Re-run or create a new connection to gas appliances.
  • Install and repair gas pipe fittings.
  • Conduct gas leak detection and repair.
  • Relocate, repair and install gas meters.
  • Install and repair gas hot water heaters
  • Convert your gas appliances from LPG to natural gas.
  • Conduct general cleaning, maintenance and repairs of gas-powered BBQs.

Our Other Services

Make the smart choice to keep your family safe!

6 Common problems we encounter with gas appliances


'Stove burners that will not light'

This may be caused by a faulty igniter unit. Our team can replace this unit in a flash.


'An oven not heating up'

This is most likely caused by your oven’s igniter unit. Contact the team at Brian Thurtell Plumbing to have this issue swiftly resolved.


'A gas smell when appliances are being used'

If you can smell gas when using your gas appliances, we recommend that you stop using the appliances immediately. A potential gas leak can be a very dangerous situation. In this case, you need prompt, professional assistance from our team.


'Food cooking unevenly in your oven'

If you notice your food is not cooking evenly, it is highly likely that the bake or broil elements of your oven are at fault. To determine whether this is the case, you can perform a simple test.

Preheat your oven and see whether both the top and bottom elements are glowing red.

If you find that the bake or broil elements of your oven are faulty, call the Brian Thurtell Plumbing team to have these parts replaced.


'A weak stove burner flame'

Perform a thorough cleaning of your burner. Ensure you clear any food debris, to prevent potential blockages and to ensure the burner is sitting firmly. If the issue is still not resolved, contact Brian Thurtell Plumbing for a fast fix.


'An oven not reaching the correct temperature'

This problem may be caused by your oven’s selector switch or thermostat. To determine the cause of the issue, check to see whether your oven’s thermostat is sticking or is defective.

If you suspect this is the case, contact our experienced team immediately.

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How can we help you?

At Brian Thurtell Plumbing, we specialise in installing and replacing gas systems for your home or business.

Whether you decide to choose natural gas or an LPG system, gas is a highly flammable material.

Inexperienced and gas installation are a recipe for disaster, with the real risk of running into serious trouble.

Therefore, choosing an experienced plumber is absolutely crucial.

Fortunately, you will not need to look very far to find skilled plumbers and gas fitters. Each of our talented team members is highly experienced in handling dangerous materials across natural and LPG gas systems.

In addition, each of our plumbers is licensed to work with gas installations and repairs with each member of the team and our company owning an impeccable safety record.

Replacing or installing a new gas system for your home is an extremely specialised task. This means it should never be attempted by even the most passionate DIY enthusiasts.

Our many years of experience in installing and replacing gas systems sets us apart from our competitors.

To keep your home running smoothly, a functional gas system is absolutely essential.

You can rely on the team at Brian Thurtell Plumbing to get it right first time, every time.

Looking for more ways to save time and money? We’re also specialists in plumbing, hot water replacements, guttering, and bathroom renovations.

Natural Gas vs LPG

Although natural gas (methane) and LPG (propane) are used in strikingly similar ways, they are actually very different.

We will highlight a few key differences between natural gas and LPG here, to help make the decision of how to heat your home much easier.

COST? If you are deciding whether to use natural gas or LPG based on price, natural gas has typically been the obvious choice. The reason for this is natural gas can cost as little as 55 cents per therm, compared to LPG, which costs over $2 per gallon (or 1.1 therms).

However, your level of usage will go towards determining the most cost-effective solution for you. Our gas specialists will be happy to help you find the cheapest value for money outcome for you.

SAFETY? Natural gas is lighter than air, whereas LPG is heavier than air.

This is important to know in case there is ever a leak. If a leak occurs, natural gas will float away, while LPG will collect near the floor of the room. If a spark were to hit an exposed LPG source, it could seriously injure anyone close by.

ACCESSIBILITY? LPG is much easier to transport than natural gas, since it can be put into trucks in liquid form.

Also, LPG does not require gas lines to be transported into your home. This means it is also cheaper to move across the country than natural gas.

Therefore, if you live in a rural region, you may find LPG suits your needs instead of natural gas in your home or business.

Having said that, LPG is a reliable and affordable source of energy, which is widely available. For these reasons, many rural consumers prefer to use LPG to heat their homes and businesses.

However, if you live near a natural gas line, it may be more beneficial to use natural gas, since it is cheaper than LPG, it has a cleaner burn and is safer than LPG.

If you’re still unsure what type of gas to use, reach out and speak to a member of our friendly team for free advice and free quotes.

What is the difference between natural gas and LPG?

NATURAL GASS is an extremely versatile gas which is generally used for home heating and cooking. It is delivered to your home through a main network of pipes and can be used by your gas appliances.

  Natural gas is formed through extreme pressure on decayed plant and animal matter, located deep within the Earth’s recesses.

  This extremely slow process takes place over thousands of years. The result is an odourless and colourless gas, which is chiefly composed of methane.

  The fact that it is odourless can present a problem. So, an unpleasant chemical smell is added to help detect potential gas leaks.

  Natural gas is lighter than air. So, in the event of a gas leak, it rises and disperses quickly.

  As well as being a clean source of energy, natural gas is continuously available through a detailed network of pipes.

LPG is the general name given to a mix of hydrocarbons (mainly propane and butane). It is a petroleum by-product. LPG is also known as liquified petroleum gas.

  Using LPG in your home supports recycling and allows you to get the most out of waste products.

  Like natural gas, LPG is also odourless and colourless. This quality means a chemical must be added to give the gas an unpleasant odour. This will help you to detect any potential gas leaks. LPG is stored under immense pressure (in liquid form) in tanks.

  Also, like natural gas, LPG is mostly used to heat homes and to cook. Although LPG is a very efficient way to cook and heat your home, it is stored in large tanks just outside your home. As such, you will face an additional cost to have the tanks replaced.

  The tanks can also run out of gas at extremely inconvenient times (i.e. in the middle of a hot shower).

  Another use for LPG which is becoming increasingly popular is as a substitute for petrol in cars. This gas is heavier than air, and as such, it doesn’t disperse as easily as natural gas.

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Is LPG a natural gas?

Most people tend to view natural gas and LPG as the same thing. However, this assumption could not be further from the truth.

The simplest way to determine whether or not LPG is a natural gas is to examine how it is formed.

Natural gas is formed using decomposing organic (plant and animal) matter. This matter is located deep within the Earth’s core. From there, it is cleaned and converted into useable fuel.

By contrast, LPG is a by-product of refined crude oil. As such, it is not found in nature; it is created through human intervention.

Since LPG is not a natural gas, it is less environmentally friendly than natural gas is. Natural gas produces less CO2 emissions and burns cleaner than LPG.

Why do people choose us?

Regardless of whether you are building a new home and need a new gas connection, or you’re experiencing problems with your existing gas system, the dedicated team at Brian Thurtell Plumbing is ready to help you.

At Brian Thurtell Plumbing, we like to think of your gas system as the engine room of your home.

It regulates the temperature in your home, heats your water and helps you cook dinner each night.

So, we know that it is absolutely vital that any potential problems are quickly identified and fixed straight away.

  • Offer emergency gas services 24/7
  • Obligation free quotes and free site assessments
  • Over 30 years working with natural and LPG gas
  • Fully licensed gas fitters adhering to all Australian safety standards
  • Gas hot water installation experts
  • Convert gas appliances from LPG to natural gas
  • Gas installation removalists and installation technicians
  • Advanced technology for gas leak detection

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