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How to avoid losing water pressure in your home

January 30, 2019

We have all been there – turning your kitchen or bathroom tap on to find only a trickle of water is coming out. Even going to turn the shower on, with the taps on full blast doesn’t seem to make any more water pour out. The chances are there is a problem with your home’s water pressure.

What is water pressure?

Water pressure is a measure of the force that gets water through the main pipes of your area and into your home’s water pipes. Water pressure is measured in bars, with one bar resulting in the force required to lift water to a crazy height of at least 10 metres.

So what can cause low water pressure in the home?

The most common cause of low water pressure is blocked or leaking pipes, either coming from the main pipes or home pipes. It is quite normal for older homes to encounter blocked water pipes at some stage, and the most obvious sign of this is low water pressure.

If you are in a new home or have just replaced your household pipes, the cause of low water pressure may be a result of the mains pipes. The mains are controlled by your local council, so it may pay to give them a call and ask what pressure your suburb’s water is coming through at.

It may be that your local council is delivering water at a lower pressure as a way of conserving water.

Some other factors that may cause low water pressure in your home include:

–    Faulty shut-off valves: Make sure these are fully open

–    Leaking taps and leaky toilets (Check your water meter or latest water bill to rule these out)

–    Blocked aerators on taps

–    Blocked drains

It pays to give your aerators (filters that are at the top of your taps) a regular clean to ensure there is no blockage that could be causing the trickle of water. The same goes with shower heads – giving them a regular soak in a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water prevents blockages.

Ultimately, if you are having issues with low water pressure in your home it pays to get an expert plumber in to inspect. Servicing the Central Coast of NSW and beyond for over three decades, why not call Brian and his professional team of plumbers on 0410 206 134 and solve your water pressure troubles for good.