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Flood prevention hacks for your home

May 30, 2019

Is your home in a flood-prone area of NSW? For thousands of homes each year, floods cause large degrees of damage, destroying precious items and memories in the process.

For many, their home is not protected against flooding, should a random downpour ever occur in the region. But there are a number of hacks we all can do to ensure protection and prevention is at a maximum should a flood strike.

The first is ensuring the doors and floors of your home are well sealed, and if you live in a flood-prone area, choosing tiles over carpets will reduce the cleanup afterwards. Doors need to be at an appropriate height – talk to a builder about raising the door thresholds to minimise water entering your home.

Ensure your drains and pipes in the home are free from any blockages, and talk to your plumber about installing a non-return valve on your home drainage. It will assist in keeping the water out. Talk to Brian and his team today to find out more on non-return valves.

Think about installing water-resistant skirting boards around the inside of your home to minimise damage and seal your floors with tanking.

Lastly, keep all electrical wiring and equipment off the ground in your home. By having your fuse box off the ground it will prevent any damage to cabling should a flood occur.

Want to discuss any of these flood prevention hacks or gas fitting services for your home? For further information on preventing flood damage in your home, contact Brian and his team today on 0410 206 134. We are your local plumbing experts with more than three decades servicing NSW Central Coast and will provide you with all your plumbing know-how.