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Five things to consider before hiring an emergency plumber

June 30, 2019

Water pipe burst and need emergency plumbing services? Toilet blocked or bathroom flooded? Most of us in this situation are clueless and require the services of an expert – stat. However, even though we may be in a panic and often call the first number we can find, it does pay to consider the following before hiring a plumber to fix your emergency.

1. When can you arrive?

If you are calling because of an emergency, the services of a plumber are no help to you if they cannot arrive until the next day or hours later. Make sure you ask if your plumber can offer round the clock services in a timeframe that is suited to your emergency – and that the plumber is ready to go!

2. Insurance and qualification

If you have never used a plumber before and need one to tend to your emergency, be sure to qualify them over the phone that they have the necessary insurances and qualifications to do your job quickly and effectively. The last thing you would need on a call out is to discover your plumber cannot assist with “this type of emergency.”

3. How much?

Yes, it is a plumbing emergency and you need a plumber immediately; however, before any work begins be sure to get a quote. Knowing where you stand is important, and a plumber charging above award fees for the work may impact your insurance claim and hip pocket.

4. Location

Always ask where your plumber is located before booking them for the job – it is an emergency after all!

5. Materials used

Be sure to check in the quote that your plumber is using high-quality materials to fix your emergency. For example, if your bathroom pipe bursts you want to know that the pipe replacing it is of good quality so the problem doesn’t happen again sooner rather than later. A written quote of materials will give you an opportunity to discover this.

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