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Baths verses Showers – which is better?

December 30, 2018

It’s the age old debate – are you a shower person or a bath person? You hear many say, I just love my soak in a deep tub, while others quite openly admit they aren’t “bath people.”

So which is best – bath or shower? Let’s take a look at the arguments for both.

The bath

After a stressful day at work, the thought of taking a long soak in a hot bath is the idea of heaven. Why? Here are three main reasons:

1. Relaxation

Taking a warm bath gives us a feeling of comfort, quiet and relaxation, allowing us to actually sleep better and feel a general “happiness.”

2. Health

A warm bath is said to calm our nerves, reducing blood pressure and anxiety levels in our body.

3. Massaging our muscles

A soak in a warm bath relieves muscle tension and tightness, leaving our aching body feeling much more nurtured afterwards.

Those three reasons combined must mean bath is better right? Well now let us take a look at the shower.


Though a long soak in a hot bath sounds appealing, there are a few solid arguments to say a shower is better, the first being the “clean” factor.

Whether it is washing hair or scrubbing your feet, the feeling of cleanliness after a shower is unsurpassed. Having a high-pressure shower head installed that can be removed from the wall when required is often a saviour (especially when it comes to showering children), while the rainfall showerhead gives the feeling of relaxation and luxury all in one.

Another key factor of showering is it can save water over having a bath. A standard shower head uses around two gallons of water per minute – so for a 10-minute shower that equates to about 20 gallons of water consumed.

A full bathtub requires around 70 gallons of water – so even if it was half filled that is still 15 gallons more than a 10-minute shower. Of course, the bath could be shared between family members, but who wants to share a bath, right?

So the answer? Well – why not have both. In fact, this is why most home bathrooms do, so everyone gets the best of both worlds.

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