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5 Things to consider before buying your new toilet

November 22, 2018

Thinking about replacing your home toilet? Or giving your bathroom a makeover and unsure which toilet you should buy? Here are five important factors you need to consider before buying your new toilet.

1. The size of your bathroom

It may sound strange but the size of your bathroom actually matters when it comes to choosing your new toilet – and it’s actually got a lot to do with the toilet seat.

There are three main sizes of toilet seats available for you to choose from – round, elongated and compact elongated, and which one of these to go for depends on your bathroom size and budget.

The round toilet seat is perfect if you are trying to save your pennies in your bathroom makeover, coming in as the most budget-friendly option. They are also the most compact design of toilet seat so are a great option for small bathrooms.

Elongated toilet seats are the most comfortable of seat choices and are a bit more pricey than the round seat option. Because they are the most comfortable toilet seat, they are great for high traffic bathrooms, and bathrooms which offer a decent amount of space.

The compact elongated toilet seat is the perfect middle option – offering comfort in a compact bathroom.

2. Installation

When choosing your toilet, the installation process needs to be taken into consideration.

There are three main types of toilet that all require different installation processes – the one piece, two piece and the wall hung.

The one-piece toilet is great if you are looking at undertaking a DIY installation process. As it is in one piece (hence the name), fitting it is much easier, and often less time-consuming.

The two-piece toilet, though more budget friendly when purchasing it, can be more difficult to install, costing you more in the long run as a plumber is recommended for fitting this toilet. If you are wanting to go for a different look in your bathroom, some brands of two-piece toilets also offer a mix and match option.

The wall-hung toilet is by far the most expensive option; however, if your bathroom budget allows it, it’s also the most modern looking toilet on the market. If you are looking at a wall-hung toilet be sure to discuss with your plumber the ability for installation, as this setting does require inner wall support and plumbing options not applicable to a standard one or two-piece toilet.

Remember if you are renovating your bathroom, have an expert plumber come out to check your existing plumbing work – the toilet you may want to install may not be suitable for your current bathroom plumbing system.

3. Toilet innovations

How fancy do you want to get with the features of your new toilet? From soft closing lids to water saving flushes there are many options available for you to choose from.

Choosing a duel eco flush option for your toilet not only saves you water but money on your next water bill as well. Win win!

4. Height

Most toilets come as a standard chair height; however, if you are requiring more of a non-standard height look at installing a wall-hung toilet. This will give you more control on what height you can position it on your wall.

5. Appearance

From different colour options to hidden trap ways, the look needs to be taken into consideration when choosing your new toilet.

Hidden trap ways (the pipes below the toilet) make for ease of cleaning and give your bathroom a much more modern look.

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