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3 ways to prevent water damage in your home

July 30, 2019

We have all been there; the smell of dampness, water leaks on the roof and the panic of how much it will cost to get it all fixed.

We often take home plumbing systems for granted and yet the cost when damage occurs can be more devastating that than damage it has caused.

Before letting the problem of water damage get into your home, be sure to try these three prevention hacks – saving you time and money in the future.

1. Inspect your home’s pipes regularly

Blockages, leaks and water flow are all the most common issues that result in water damage in your home. The safest way for prevention is to ensure an expert plumber makes a routine inspection of your pipes, highlighting any damage or weaknesses in your system.

2. Fix your leaking toilet

As discussed in a previous blog, leaking toilets do more than add cost to our water bill; if a toilet pipe bursts or floods it can cause major damage to your bathroom – and if your toilet is upstairs, it could result in significant water damage to your ceilings. Call your local plumber today to fix this leak to ensure it doesn’t result in future water damage in your home.

3. Time to upgrade your washing machine

Washing machines are another top cause of water damage and flooding in the home. When old pipes burst the end result can be devastating. If you are having problems with your washing machine and it is under warranty, make a call out to your local plumbing company today. Also, if you are looking to go on holiday, remember to turn your water off at your washing machine just in case.

Think it is time to book in a routine inspection for your home plumbing system? Contact Brian and his team today on 0410 206 134. We are your local plumbing experts with more than 30 years servicing NSW Central Coast and will provide you with all your plumbing advice to suit your home’s needs.